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Parent and Child Swimming lessons at Le Mourier 

Information Page for new swimmers

Our instructors are dedicated to instilling water confidence from a very young age. Confidence and enjoyment will help to develop a life long love of activities both in and on the water

Bonding is an important aspect of parenting. Our parent and child swimming lessons allow for a unique bonding experience for both you and your child

Children grow at a phenomenal rate and soak up all experiences

Swimming sessions can aid a child’s overall physiological development and can help strengthen their heart and lungs.

Other benefits may also include improved sleep patterns and better appitite!

When to Start?

This is a personal choice. Our youngest swimmer to start was just seven weeks old!

Once your little one starts to hold their head with minimal support they can embark on their discovery of the water

Lessons Available 7 days a week across our two dedicated home venues

options for morning and afternoon sessions across the week. Our ability graded lessons will cater for the specific needs for your little one as they progress through the swim school

How do we sign up?

Our dedicated team of career teachers would be delighted to help you every step of the way. To sign your little one up to our Parent and Child Sessions please click the link below. If the term has begun please fill in the form below or email us on info@lemourier.co.uk. Alternatively please give our office a call on 01534 869058.

Comments from Swimmers

Love swimming for the bonding experience, especially watching daddy and daughter together 


Fantastic family atmosphere, really special 1 to 1 time in the swimming pool 


William has loved his swimming classes with Kim and Max. He really looks forward to coming along each week!


We have really enjoyed the first stages of his parent and child swimming lessons, the instructors are great and the venues are lovely 


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