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Le Mourier Marlin Camp 2021

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The following frequently asked questions will hopefully answer any questions you may have with how Le Mourier Activity Camps will run during the current climate and reassure you that we have added in additional procedures, as far as reasonably practicable, and taken steps to reduce the risk of virus spread.

Due to the Nature of the activities on our Marlin Camp. These may differ slightly each week depending on the current guidelines affecting your son / daughters week. 

Our Marlin Staff will be able to update parents at the beginning of the week how their week may differ

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Swimming Clubs Jersey

Q. What if i have a child on Guppy camp and another on Marlin Camp, do i have to attend both locations?

Unfortunatly yes you do. Guppy Camp will be running from Inverness Lodge and St Lawrence Primary School which is very close to our Marlin Location, but we do apologise for this extra small journey- it is a necessity based on our new protocols and we endevour to re establish our inter-camp transfer service as soon as possible.

    Q. Will my child need to wear a mask?

    No. Unless Government guidelines change to make the wearing of them compulsory Le Mourier is not insisting on them. If you wish your child to wear a mask, you will need to provide them with their own. Le Mourier will fully respect a parents wishes in this regard

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    Details on our two drop off / pick up locations can be found below

    St Lawrence Sports & Community Centre

    Le Mourier will be using St Lawrence Sports & Community Centre for our Marlin Camp, Location is highlighted in the map on the left. 

    Marlin Camp

    Drop off / Pick up procedure

    Q. my child has sensitive skin, what will be used for hand hygiene on the camps?

    We have always practiced good hand hygiene with the children on camps. However there will be a slight increase in frequency, and all hand washing by children will be supervised by members of staff. This is to ensure that a thorough hand cleansing has been achieved. No doubt your child has spent weeks doing just that- as we’ve all become so used to the process by this point!

    Children will be washing/sanitising their hands at the following times:

    • On arrival to the camp (Sanitiser)
    • After every toilet visit (Soap & Water)
    • Before and after snack time (Soap & Water)
    • Prior to and after lunch (Sanitiser)
    • When boarding the bus for transporting between the venues, to excursions and when
      boarding the bus to return from excursions (Sanitiser)

    If your child’s skin is reactive to everyday sanitisers and soaps and requires any special prescription equivalent this will need to be supplied by the parent please.

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