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 Langford swimming pool looks after our swimmers who have moved up from one of our smaller pools having gained 200 meters plus. During their time at Langford, swimmers will develop their stamina, technique and skills following the ASA challenge awards from Bronze up to Gold and even Honors for some (White Hat).

As with all our venues there are eccentricities which we need to be aware of to make the most of the time in the water.  This page details most of them which you will come across from time to time at Langford and highlights specify dates for the diary


The pool entrance is via the Northern carpark situated opposite JCG. both carparks at Langford are very busy, particularly on weekdays around 3:30pm. Please allow plenty of time before their lesson to find parking. The Langford carparks require a Yellow Parking Disc to be displayed at All Times, this includes late sessions and at weekends. Both Carparks are monitored by an outside company taken on by Langford Sports Centre, please note that Le Mourier has no responsibility over this change.


Once parked, in order to get to the changing rooms come in the front door and then turn right. Go through the next set of double doors and turn left, the changing rooms are the next two doors on the left. To get to the viewing gallery please go through the door on the left as you enter through the main entrance. no footwear is allowed to be worn through these doors, there is a shoe rack outside the door to place shoes in.

Please note as of January 2020 the automatic doors at Langford are on a timer. There is no public access into the facility prior to 15:45 on school days. After this time the automatic doors will return to allow access in and out the building 

What to bring

  • Properly fitted swimming costume – no board shorts or bikinis please 
  • Well fitted Goggles – Teachers will be on hand to help fit them properly if needed
  • Swimmers must have a swimming hat. Please wear the correct Le Mourier swimming hat (Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Honors)
  • All Swimmers will need training fins for some of their lessons. It is ideal to have their own so that they remain in good condition and comfortable fitting. The teachers will have spares on poolside for the first few weeks should you wish to try on different sizes

– Should you wish to purchase your son / daughter their own fins please ensure they are ‘Short Training Fins’ not the long style of fins. Our office do have a selection of fins available to buy – Please visit https://shop.lemourier.co.uk


  • Swimmers may like to bring a mesh bag to keep all their belongings in one place
  • Please ensure all kit is named, Le Mourier cannot be held responsible for any lost equipment

Weekly Planner AT LANGFORD

1 – Stroke Development

2 – Stroke Development

 3 Stroke Development

4 – Stroke Development

5 – Stroke Development / Speed Swims

6 – Skills Week

– Half Term –

7 – Stroke Development / Speed Swims

8 – Mini Distance Week

9 – Diving Week

10 – Re-Cap Lesson

11 – ‘Fun’ Style Lesson

Criteria for the Challenge Awards we work towards & how we test them

Here you can find a brief description detailing the requirements for the each award the swimmers will work towards during their time at Langford

Bronze Challenge Award

Skills Required:

  • 100 meter timed swim 
    (No Time Limit)
  • 5m Under water swim through
  • 3 min tread water

Once ready they will then need to complete the following swim exam (Invitation Only):

400 meters 
25m Frontcrawl & 25m Backcrawl – repeated for 400m
(Within 30 minutes)

Silver Challenge Award

Skills Required:

  • 100 meter timed swim 
    (Within 3 minutes)
  • Plunge Dive – to correct standard
  • 2 min tread water – one hand behind their back
  • Head First & Feet First Surface Dive

Once ready they will then need to complete the following swim exam (Invitation Only):

800 meters 
50m Frontcrawl & 50m Backcrawl – repeated for 800m
(Within 30 minutes)

Gold Challenge Award

Skills Required:

  • 100 meter timed swim 
    (Within 2 minutes 30 seconds)
  • Plunge Dive into timed swim
  • Beginning Racing style dives
  • 3 min tread water – one hand up
  • Somersault & Turns – Tumble Turns

Once ready they will then need to complete the following swim exam (Invitation Only):

800 meters 
100m Frontcrawl / 100m Backcrawl / 100m Breaststroke
Repeated for 800m
(Within 25 minutes)

Honours Challenge Award

Skills Required:

  • I.M – One length of each of the 4 strokes
  • Competative Starts & Turns
  • From 2020
    5 m swim – Collect 2kg object from floor and then swim a further 20m with the object

Once ready they will then need to complete the following swim exam (Invitation Only):

1000 meters – Split into 500m sections
200m -Front Crawl
200m -Back Crawl
100m Breaststroke
Followed by 500 free
The swim includes 4 surface dives
Within 20 minutes

Invitational Swim

Swimmers will work on and complete all the required skills during their lessons spread out over the term. Whilst working on the skills the teachers will also be working with them to increase their stamina and working on the technique of their strokes. Once their teacher feel they are ready for the award, an invite will be sent for them to attempt the invitation swim. This swim needs to be swum under ‘exam’ style conditions in a separate occasion:

These sessions will occur on week 10 and/or week 11, and then again on week 2 and/or 3 of the following term for those unable to attend. The sessions will be held at Haute Vallee swimming pool on the Sunday of the weeks mentioned above. 

Please note however that these sessions are subject to change depending on the term and pool availability

End Of Term Information

At the end of the term a progress report for each swimmer will be emailed to parents. These reports are a new system for us and will provide each parent with a detailed but easy understanding of where your child has progressed and what is required to progress further in the following term.

Also at the end of the term we will send out confirmation of your child’s place in the following term. This will also be sent out using the system above and will include information regarding the term dates and any other information needed. 

If you have any questions regarding swimming at Langford please email Max on max@lemourier.co.uk or Tasha on tasha@lemourier.co.uk

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